VEX Forum Nametag Generator

So, due to constant nagging cough coughRobertcough cough, I’ve re-made my Nametag Generator from around worlds time last year.

I had lost the previous code, so this one is completely re-written, and includes the ability to generate a nametag from entering just your username (although this takes a bit longer as it has to find you :stuck_out_tongue: but is helpful nonetheless).

It’s also very very easy for me to add new layouts, so if anyone has any extra ones they want up, just send me an image of the background (480px by 300px) and an example of what goes where, and I’ll get it done as soon as I have time! :smiley:

Anyway, is the link, and hope it comes in useful again like last year :slight_smile:

Nathan, you are a legend. I have no clue how you do this stuff. People like you make me feel quite inadequate :smiley:

Thanks, Paul

Bumping up since it’s the week of worlds and people start to travel soon… Awesome nametag generator!

I’ll be at booth 81M most of the time, but be sure to check out the Vexmen booth in the middle school section (80R and 90C)

What’s the best size to print these off?

very nice ! … thanks … keep up the good work

Pure Digital Magic!!! And So very Cool…

Thank You for your effort to make this available to everyone…

Will you be at Worlds?

I would like to, but I didn’t take time off from work…

Because my team isn’t competing I was thinking of getting an iron shirt thing and just putting TABOR really big on the back but I worked on my robot that is not competing instead.

Bumping this thread. It’s nametag time again!

I will be wearing one. :smiley:

It is GOOD to see this Service still in Operation!!!


another reason why I wish i had a working robot at provincials, CUZ I WOULD BE THERE WITH YOU GUYS lol!!!

Cool tool! I will definitely be wearing one at Worlds.

I too will try to wear a nametag!

My team will also be wearing tan trench coats to represent Inspector Gadget.

The generator seems to have an error? I’m a senior member with 156 posts however it generates a tag saying I’m a member with 66 posts?

That’s really strange… I’ll look into it.

Fixed now, it was a permissions issue meaning if you had generated a nametag previously it wouldn’t overwrite it. Whoops!

Mine was made into a button!

Hello, I am trying to use the name tag generator for worlds, but when I enter my username, it says “Please enter a valid ID, URL, or username”. I am not quite sure what I am doing wrong.

You said that there was an issue if you had already made a name tag previously, which I did two years ago, but I am not sure if that is the problem, because you said that you fixed it. It also may be a problem with the forum being updated and all. Can you possibly look into this? Thanks in advance.