VEX Forum Nametag Generator

I just did it and it worked for me.

I was just thinking about this today too because i will be wearing one at worlds! Thanks again Nathan

I think the issue is that your username has a space in it. When you view your profile by clicking on your name in a forum post (you have to view your profile through a forum post, you cant just go to you should see something like this /index.php/member/19907-michael-nutt. Take the numbers (it was 19907 for me) and put them in the input box for the name tag generator.

Michael Nutt is right, the old forum didn’t allow usernames with spaces so I hadn’t accounted for that. I’ll look into it and hopefully will fix it soon.

Are you sure that the old forum didn’t allow spaces?
I made this account last July which was way before the update.
I could be mistaken, but I don’t think that there was a different forum before that.

Where exactly is the link for the nametag generator?
It’s saying that the original link is not available.

This account was also made before the forum update, maybe functionality for spaces was added during the lifespan of the old forum.

You’re right, my mistake. I meant that there weren’t any usernames in URLs before so I didn’t have to worry about encoding spaces.


Just an update: I’ve now fixed the issue with spaces.

Didn’t like the underscore in my name.

If you hit your profile on the top of the forum page here and then the gray About box again, you will see the ID number in the URL. Mine turns out to be 2224.

Like this:

You can then go to the site and play with the image URL:

The team number part is a bit small on this default view. It probably works for most folks though.

The hello version is the one I think I like best for me.

Thank you very much for fixing this. I tried it and it worked perfectly.

Fixed. Apparently underscores also get replaced by dashes in the url…

My normal attire is a trench coat, I hope people don’t confuse us! :slight_smile:

Thanks for doing this, I should remember that this is available and wear it at all the events.

Hard to believe 8 years and I have less than a 1/4 of the posts that Tabor has :slight_smile:

Noticed a problem in the data. My Concord High School team is listed as being in CA, they are on the right side of the country in Delaware. Can’t tell if its your data error or RECF, but I like using your site much better for stats. Nice job.

I am at 5 years since I joined the forum. We are a lost breed. My posts are slowly clawing for 5th most though, James has quite the astounding lead on that front. When you consider the quality and time spent on each post the lead is insurmountable.

Wow, forgot about this amazing generator, need to remember to wear this at events :smiley:

Jpearman’s posts/post count is absolutely crazy :stuck_out_tongue: If you need an example of a true forum hero, would have to be James. I’m still feeling pretty happy with roughly 1/4 of Tabors post count in 5 months :D. Almost 500…

I think I must have one of the lowest posts-per-day counts for a still active member :stuck_out_tongue: 271 posts after 6 years.

I think that @TitaniumNyanKat has the highest posts per day with 922 posts in 4 months.