vex forum programming project :)

yea like that! Iv stick about 10 - 20 var’s in a single structure and for some reason (might check the assembly code) it doesn’t raise severe errors about running out of memory.

I haven’t tried this, I may try it out and see what results I get, I’m not too familiar with assembly code though, so I would first need to learn about it and I just dont have the time.

This is a totally different approach to this project, but I just wanted to throw it out there…

FLL NXT Navigation is a program developed by an FLL team to make prototyping programs easier. The only sensors this program uses are rotation sensors/encoders, but that would need to be changed for a VEX competition.

The FLL program would export text commands to “program” the robot, and used an interpreter written in NXT-G to execute the commands. A VEX program could write ROBOTC code.


I was actually thinking the same thing, I saw this program a few years back. Never really used it for our FLL team, but it would definitely help me with our VEX robot because I don’t have the field at my house where I can work on it almost 24/7.


I’m actually working on a robotUtilities library in robotC. So you can setup your robot type (e.g. 2WTank, 4WTank, 4WDiagHolo, 4WStraightHolo, 5WHolo). Then, in each of the configurations, you can call functions like moveForward(power), StrafeRight(power), followLine(power). I think that it’ll really help out rookie teams.