VEX Forum Reader

Hello Everyone!

I’ve found an easy way to stay on top of all the new posts on without having to manually check the website.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter in
  3. Enter in your email address, select ‘Realtime’ and click ‘Feed Me’
  4. Click the link in the confirmation message you will receive.
  5. Now you’ll get a new email every time someone makes a new post on the forum!

Check it out!

(You can also just use the link ( in a feed reader like Google Reader or Firefox Live Bookmarks)

Technical Notes: The reason I am excited is that the RSS link above is a special link, different from the one on the vex forum homepage. That RSS feed only lists new threads, not new posts ( The link I gave has entries for every new post, so it shows the same thing as you would see if you had gone to the homepage. You can use this for other vbulletin based forums as well. Instructions were found here:

Edit: So blogtrottr is not quite realtime, because doesn’t use PuSH; it will, however, give you hourly updates, which may be sufficient.