Vex forum time

What time do you get online for the forum?

sometimes in the morning before school, after school and them whenever i can
same with chief delphi
with the vex fan forum i dont go on much because theres not much traffic there and rarely a new post:(

Its cool when you cant get on for like a week and theres like 15 post or more

Every once in a while in the morning, when I get home, and sometimes around 6ish.

I usually login after school (when I do not have work) or sometimes in school on their computers with all to easy to bypass OS’s.:cool:

usually i go on whenever i am on a computer, just to see whats happening, even if that is not every day.

When ever I can… :wink:

usally before and after school or whenever i can

Whenever I can which is usually during school…:smiley: