VEX Gateway Scoring App

Hi guys,

So, as some of you may have seen in this post I’ve been working on an Android Gateway scoring app!

Since AURA does a lot of helping with events, etc. we wanted one which could easily display the results in the format Tournament Manager wants it in, but also can be used by anyone who just wants to know the score and a goal-by-goal rundown.

So I am now pleased to announce the availability of our VEX Gateway Scoring App! And best of all, it’s free!

Feel free to leave comments, I’ll be adding updates as people point out flaws or we feel like adding new things.

P.S. For all you college teams, I’ll be adding an update tomorrow to support College matches too :slight_smile:

Just a quick update:

v1.1 is up on the Market, which includes support for College matches too! :slight_smile:

Very nice job! Perhaps you could make it so that when a floor goal is tapped from the main overview screen, it takes you to the floor goal page. (forgive me if it does already do that; I’m only going off the screenshots)

The only thing left to do would make it so you can see the actual objects in the goal in the main overview screen! :wink: (like Green Machhhhine’s)

It already does that :slight_smile:

I think it would be too cluttered, the whole idea was that it would be an easy-to-use interface for smartphones, primarily. And I think that might take up too much of the screen space…

will you be creating it for the iOS soon?

As I am not an official iOS developer, and do not own any iOS device, and have never made an iOS app in my life, no I will not be :stuck_out_tongue:

Another update:

v1.2 is up on the Market, which allows you to indicate if a special barrel is being touched by a robot :stuck_out_tongue: something which we needed a few times in our last scrimmage :stuck_out_tongue: