Vex Gear Constraints on Inventor

How do i constrain vex gears in inventor, I am trying to 3D print something. Specifically 12 tooth to 36 tooth gear. (I am trying to make an assembly file that moves one gear to move the other)

Constrain -> Motion -> Select the option where two gears are spinning in opposite directions.
Select your first gear, and your second gear.
Inventor does gear ratios based on the first one you select to the second one you select (so if you clicked the 12-T and then the 36-T, the ratio is 12/36, and visa versa).
Also make sure your gears are constrained to a plane and an axis - otherwise they will move up/down, left/right instead of spinning.

Thanks for replying, I understand what you mean. I was stuck on constraining the Z axis but I finally got it. If anyone was wondering and wanted to know about how to do it, here’s a link :