Would it matter if I used normal gears rather than the high strength gears. I have heard that high strength gears cause more friction.

Well one reason that the high strength gears may cause more friction is because they are wider and take up more space in your configuration. I personally use the normal gears though because at the high speeds it has more centrifugal mass which will cause it to take that much more power to spin. But it is minimal and will work either way

I mainly use the smaller gears because I can build a more compact system, and that at high speeds it does slightly decrease the friction. If you have more HS gears, I’d say go ahead and use them.

if you have trouble regular gears with slip on axles take the gear drill out the middle and file corners to make a square and hammer in the metal inserts

High strength gears increase friction very little if they are new. However, they do increase friction much more if they have been put under a large amount of stress. The teeth can chip, scratch, or bend causing the system to resist friction. Just make sure to inspect the gears before using them and check for deformities or breaks and you should be fine. Make sure to line up bearings properly and a small amount of grease in the teeth of the metal pinions will reduce friction more than changing gears out. I just got my flywheel working today after rebuilding it in 4 hours with new metal because the old one had metal bent at up to 30 degrees with an axle passing through it.

I mainly use high-strength gear because smaller gears tends to break a lot (for me at least) and high-strength gears have metal putting that will make sure that your axle will stay put and not snap like the small gears

Someone at our school actually shattered a 12 tooth plastic gear… Cough cough @Tylennis

Pretty easy to do.

3921A (might have been 3921C) did this while testing their single flywheel a few months back. It was not a pretty sound.

I tell our teams to just use the metal high strength 12 tooth gears with any design, unless they are limited on space.

For our launcher we are using all low strength gears and we haven’t had any problems with it.

Not very hard to do. We managed to grind a LS 84-tooth on our scissor lift last year into practically a wheel. We screwed it onto our robot as our greatest accomplishment as a rookie team.

We have HS gears, but we use all LS gears for compactness, and we haven’t had any problems with gears breaking yet. Granted, our gear ratio is small compared to some others that I’ve seen, but still, no problems yet.