VEX Gift Certificate For Sale - at a discount

I am a mentor to team 3129, the Green MacHHHHine. We were fortunate this season to have won first place in the Educational Video category. As part of the award, we recieved a gift certificate of $750 to spend at the VEX online store.

We have a good supply of parts and do not expect to make any large purchases soon. Instead, we would like to sell (transfer) the gift certificate to some other team. I have checked with the VEX sales team, and they said that this is perfectly legal.

We are offering the $750 gift certificate for $700. The gift certificate does not expire. The only restriction is that the entire gift certificate MUST be used in a single purchase. So, if you are planning a large purchase, this would be ideal.

If you are interested, please contact me offlist at and we can make arrangements.

(See you in Anaheim!)


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