VEX Girls Discord!


VEX Girls Discord!

My goal is for this to be a safe space, where gender and sexual minorities can vent and say anything they want without fear of being attacked.

We have invited some people that have been given the helper role. These people can only view the robotics channels, and are here to help you.

We hope you join and help us create our ideal community!


Hey. Just wondering what examples of attacking you have seen here in the vex community. I am new here, so there might be something I am missing, as so far, I have seen that the VEX community is really welcoming to everyone. Honestly just wondering :slight_smile:


There has been some controversy, hard feelings and back lash by some over the Girl Powered movement. I think I’ll just leave it at that.


Is the Discord disbanded?

It says your link’s expired.


We tested the link after you wrote this, and the link still works.

Here is an another link you could use


Discord has time limited links, what @Unionjackjz1 needs to do is post a non-expiring link. The reason they do is because they can prevent brigading, or joining a server to spam or disrupt it.


I’ve seen backlash but what attacks to minorities have there been on the forum, I’m pretty sure that anything that’s sexist or racist is removed and the people that post it are banned, can you link some of said posts? I’m pretty sure that we can report it


what is Discord?


it’s an app for computers and phones that let you communicate with people either over voice or text chat; people make their own channels and invite people into them so they can talk with each other.


thanks for the clarification.


I like the idea but does anyone know where can I find the guys discord with ideals such as these?


lol there’s an “Unofficial VEX Discord”, if that matches your description.


I really haven’t ever seen attacks to minorities here…


the only “attack” against minorities in vex that i have heard of was the incident 2 years ago where an all Hispanic team won a vex iq tournament and the people they beat told them to go back to mexico but that’s it. maybe i just haven’t heard of any other ones .


I have experience using the platform and I’m sorry to say that just won’t do, being presented with ideas different from my own (like people saying that a flywheel was not the best way to score cones), and even worse… constructive criticism.


There was one I noticed about an all girls team being objectified a lot at worlds, and that’s probably the reason this discord was made, but I don’t want to name things because it is already being discussed enough. They need space.


There are a lot of other places where oppression can occur that aren’t this forum, such as at worlds, in local competitions, on literally any other social media website, or via text or calling harassment. Nobody that would want to say something controversially against a minority would post it here, unless they lack the most basic intelligence that comes with being alive. Even then, they just get deleted. There are far less people watching and filtering posts on other sites, so it is much more common outside.
In fact, that’s one reason why the discord is so important, because discussion of these actions are hard because they usually go under the radar.


Couple points I’d like to address…

  1. There are numerous attacks on minorities in VEX, as well as in other robotics programs. It’s important to consider that an attack can be physical or verbal. Both have the power to make others feel unwelcome to the program. By removing these kinds of attacks you can create a space where people aren’t afraid to express their opinions, and more importantly, know their opinions will be valued. This Discord server might be able to create such a space.
  2. This server existing does not harm you in any way. While you might think it might not help you, based off of the numerous people joining it seems that many hope it will help them, and the least you can do is be empathetic to the needs of others.

Based off of some concerning comments I’ve heard in person and on other VEX Discords recently, this is a neat idea and should benefit some members of the VEX community. So kudos, Jess.


After coaching a few all girls teams and seeing some of what they went through at tournaments…this is welcome


Just because you don’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there.