VEX GO Android App thinks firmware needs updating when offline


We are experiencing some strange behaviour when using the VEX Go kits. There are two separate issues, maybe someone has also experienced this?

  1. With the Android app, if the tablets are connected to the internet everything works fine. However if the tablets are not connected to the internet (or if they loose connection for a short period) and we try to connect to a VEX GO brain then the app will show the firmware as ‘outdated’ and start the process of updating the firmware. This fails because there is no internet connection but the upshot is that the brain won’t connect. The firmware is definitely up to date but somehow when dropping offline the Android app thinks it is?

  2. When we are in drive mode with out VEX Go robots the robots display a strange ‘jiggling’ behaviour after a movement. So for example we move the robot forward and then stop any input, the robot will stay in its position but jiggle left and right for a good few seconds. It is as if it is still trying to control its heading. This is not really a big problem but just seems odd.

Has anyone seen something similar on their units?

This was a bug in the software that has been resolved with the latest update submitted to the App Stores on Thursday. The update should roll out to devices over the coming days.


For the second issue, that sounds like the motor encoder in the GO motor may be having difficulty holding position (similar to your other post regarding driving straight). If you have any additional GO kit motors available, try swapping them out to see if that resolves the issue - you may need a motor replacement if it does.