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I can’t find a VEX Go or VEX 123 related category on this forum. Can this be added?



Could any of the moderators please add their thoughts? Form what I can see this forum mainly caters for IQ, V5 and competitions but I can’t see any provisions for VEX 123 and VEX GO? Is this not the right place for these kits? Or is there a different place I can try?



Hey @MikeP

That is a great question.

The VEX Forum is mostly for VEX Competitions.
By June we will have the VEX Professional Learning Community open to VEX Certified Educators (certifications are free). As of today it is only open to paid VEX PD+ members. The VEX PLC is specifically for educators. The certification requirement helps the community focus on educators.

I know that does not help much at this moment. So until then you can use the VEX Forum Programming Support section and we will get you the help you need.



Hi Levi,

Thanks for your reply, that is great news! I was going to suggest opening up the forum on the PD+ site to all educators and am glad to hear that this is already in the works.

I do have a PD+ memebership through the premium VEX VR license and also have the Certifications for 123 and GO but am restricted in the categories I can post (general and VR only). Looking forward to gaining access, I’m sure I can contribute some valuable info.

All the best,

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