Vex Going out of production?

My local Radio Shack had all its Vex items for 50% off, and while I didn’t mind, I might mind the reason. Are Vex components gong out of stock for Radio Shack? The store clerk said “probably something better or newer is coming out”

The new official supplieer of vex products is IFI. You can buy all the parts from there now.

RadioShack will no longer be selling Vex, but Vex isn’t going anywhere.
For now, Vex will be continue to be sold through as future distribution partners are also investigated.

For more information see this press-release (PDF File):

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[FONT=“Impact”]Actually all you reall have to to is go to its alot cheaper but im not so sure if its good, quality wise but it should be. check it out :cool: [/FONT][/FONT]

We urge everyone to take advantage of the discount Vex pricing at RadioShack wherever possible; we’d also like to emphasize that Vex is a long-term product, and as things become unavailable at Radioshack, we remind everyone they will remain available at