Vex Google Sketchup Part Library

Alright, this is what i created. It is a vex sketchup part library. it has most of the parts, but since google isnt really paired with google, these are the parts that random people made. There is not pneumatics included in here. i didnt make any of these parts, i only assembled them into bots, and gearboxes.

Here is the link to the part library:


Hey, this is great! Thanks for pulling all of this together. Although my team will be officially CADing our robot this year in SolidWorks, Sketchup is a great tool for initial design and brainstorming, and this will really help that.

Nice Work!


Thanks, i have to give credit to ms. mac and other people who made the parts. i just organized them.

hah wat i meant to say is that vex isnt paired with google, from what i understand atleast

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Thats alot!

Having never used CAD before, i found google sketchup really easy to use. I really would recommended, if only for basic prototyping

ya definately. i totally agree!!! it is a base for what you want to build. i just finished using sketchup for about a month and now i use inventor. i made my entire gateway bot in sketchup already, not sure if the bot will look remotely like it though lol. and i think sketchup just shows you the basic stuff about building a bot in 3d and inventor will make it alot more accurate and overall better. after you finish about a month or 2 of sketchup i would highly reccomend switching to inventor

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind

Is it just me, or are some of the 35 hole c channels only 14.4 inches long?

umm. i am not really sure…i made my whole bot for next year on it, and i know some of the parts holes are not placed correctly. that is why i am learning inventor. i do know that some of the parts are not made entirely correct, and you are probably right about the c-channel thing.

You are a lifesaver.

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