Vex got the games backwards

Vex got Turning Point and Tower Takeover backwards. Think about it.

Thanks to the platforms, Turning Point had an end game. Tower Takeover will likely be the same throughout the match. This makes Turning Point and Endgame and Tower Takeover an Infinity War. But Infinity War came out when Turning Point did, and Endgame when Tower Takeover did. So, either Marvel is backwards, or Vex released the games in the wrong order. Or they have nothing to do with each other, which is unlikely.


tbh I would have preferred an infinity war ending second. Good way to clean up all the characters they won’t use again


Not backwards. With no possession limit or rules against hoarding, there is definitely an early game of just trying to fight for mass cube control. The towers don’t have value until you have other cubes scored, so the value of fighting for control of towers goes up as the match goes on.

It’s not so much a lack of endgame as it is instead an endgame dictated by field state instead of timer state.


And Turning Point was an Infinity War when it came to the flags and the caps, while Tower Takeover will be finite (no descoring) except in the towers.

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I also just realized 77321J won their first (and only) tournament the day after Thor: Ragnarok - and also registered for the ITZ season 3 days before Spider-Man: Homecoming.

And that Black Panther coincided with States (for Florida) in the same year that Infinity War coincided with Worlds (which I knew already, since I saw commercials for it in the hotel room).