Vex GPS code critic

Probably should have had a better name for this, but it’s fine, right? Anyways, I am the programmer for 8613A and I was trying to figure out some robot movement for the GPS(we are waiting for the strip thingy to show up). And I was wondering if some much better coders look at this for me?(I am new to not only c++ but I have been on a robotics team for not even a year). I really want to know if this code is actually good or not. If you want, you could ask for further explanation of the code. Here it is:

#include "vex.h"
using namespace vex;

double solveForAngle(int targetY, gps G){//Creates the angle used for rotation heading
  double b;
  double beta;
  double x = G.xPosition(vex::distanceUnits::in);
  double y = G.yPosition(vex::distanceUnits::in);
  double Hy = sqrt((x*x) + (y*y));//Hypotenuse

void MoveToSq(gps G, int tile [0][1], motor Fl, motor Fr, motor Bl, motor Br){
  //setting position
  int x = tile[0][0] * 2;
  int y = tile[1][0] * 2;
  //getting robot position
  double X = G.xPosition(vex::distanceUnits::in);
  double Y = G.yPosition(vex::distanceUnits::in);
  //other variables

  //Use your turn function here

  while(X != x && Y != y){
    //drive function here


To find an angle you can’t really use Pythagorean theorem as that only gives the distance. In order to find the angle you need to use trigonometry (atan)

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Thanks for the insight! I will look into it.