Vex GPS field tape

Hello, we recently got a gps field tape set and gps. I was using the velcro and taping the field strips to the walls, and was wondering about the orientation of it. I know they are numbered depending on which wall they go on, the part I was wondering about was about the orientation based on your field, and how to know which way the tape should be lined up. I don’t think I explained that great so here is an example: If let’s say strip 1 goes at the 0 degree point, or the top of your field. How do I know which side to place that on, because the tape can be placed in different orientations, and if you go to a competition with a different field setup or field tape strip direction, your auton will be off. Is there a certain direction the field tape should line up with the spin up field, that all fields use, so that your auton will work and won’t be facing in the wrong direction? If that’s still confusing, let me know and I will try and re-explain it in better detail. Thanks in advance.

On pages A-5 & A-6 of the game manual, it shows the 0 degrees location (upper right corner in the image on A-5, on the wall furthest from the audience).


Found it, thanks, never would have seen that or noticed it.