VEX GPS Sensor Overheating Issue

Hello all,

Recently while using the VEX GPS sensor, the sensor overheated and was no longer detected by the V5 Brain.

To cool it, I brought the robot outside for a few minutes, but after it returned to a normal temperature the sensor still wasn’t detected under the devices page of the Brain.

I have done the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Inspected the Brain and GPS cable port for metal, and I’ve also blown air into both ports.
  • Tried to connect using four different smart cables I’ve verified to work.
  • Tried to connect on separate brain ports.
  • Tried to connect on a completely separate working brain.
  • Restarted both testing brains, by resetting the settings.
  • Turned both brains off and on.
  • Waited several hours and tried again.

I should add, the GPS sensor has air exposure on all sides except the back of the sensor where it’s mounted correctly to a c-channel elevating it high above the robot.

I was running VEXCode software, where I was only using these methods:

  • vex::gps::xPosition
  • vex::gps::yPosition
  • vex::gps::heading

I was calling these methods in a loop with a 20-millisecond delay. Based on my prior experience using GPS sensors I would consider my use case to be normal. I can share more about the code if there are any concerns.

I’m curious if there are any more troubleshooting steps I may have overlooked. Secondly, I wonder what preventive measures I can take going forward so this won’t happen again.

What led to you thinking it overheated ? They always run a bit warm, was it much hotter than you have noticed before ?


I felt the temperature of the sensor after it stopped working. To me, it felt much hotter than usual.

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