Vex Gyro Returns Weird Values

My team and I are trying to implement the Vex Gyro in our robot.
However, when we began to test the Gyro, it returned weird values – for example, it acts like a random number generator as it is giving back numbers ranging from 8 to 3000ish, and numbers in-between too (small numbers to large numbers, and the values were never negative) even when the robot is still. The numbers also change in this range every half second or so.
I looked into it as being a drift issue, however the drift issue seems to happen over a longer period of time, unlike what we are encountering as the values change from low to high in less than a second.
I do not believe that the programming is the problem because we are reading the values straight from the debugger.
I already posted in Unofficial Tech. Support but the we already tried what the responses suggested and still the problem occurred. (
Would it be possible that the Gyro sensor itself is the issue? Or is there another factor?
Team 1010 :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the 276-2333 Yaw Rate Gyroscope Sensor. Is it still an issue? What programming language are you using? Try connecting the Gyro to a different Cortex Analog port to see if the issue follows the Gyro or stays with the port. The ROBOTC Analog value should be about 1440 with the Gyro at rest. If nothing is plugged into the Cortex Analog port the value should be about 245.

Let us know your results.