VEX Hall of Fame

There was mentions of putting teams, such as 1103, into a “VEX Hall of Fame.” I think this is a fantastic idea, because there should be a remembrance of teams who accomplished what a few have done.

weither 1103 gets into the VEX hall of fame or not, i think we are all going to remeber team 1103 for the rest of our time with competing in VRC.

Well, it would be good for new teams that didn’t compete during the same seasons, and don’t remember them. Once everybody graduates, new people wouldn’t know about the great teams unless there was something like this hall of fame.

1103 of course is a nominee that no one would argue with, as well as 44. Worlds finals 3 years in a row, and winning 2 of them? That’s pretty epic.

well i think a hall of fame would “kind of” be pointless if you were new to vex and were just told that “team XX was epic in the year 20XX”
i think you would have to be there personally (at worlds, or at least the same year playing the same game) to fully experience their sheer “epic-ness”
if some college guy went up to me and said “OMG team 20745 in Quad Quandry had the most awesome robot to date!!” i would note the team number, but that wouldn’t mean anything to me
if i stopped by their pits if i ever got the chance and they were good, they got some “advertisement”
but if all the “top engineers” of that team of the year all left/graduated, then whats the point?
you didnt get go see the product of the “epic” engineers’ hard work, you just got to see some retired team number
if the team still went on with robotics into college level, they would still be contributing to the community and had the chance to build another “legendary” robot

i think hall of fame or not, all of us will remember the thrill of seeing that certain team do a “clean sweep” or the epic “high hang” in our hearts :slight_smile:


If VEX decides to have a Hall of Fame,

I think they should choose something similar to other professional sports with a hall of fame ballot in the summer.

This process will help draw attention to VEX in the usually slow summers and teams will be debated and discussed with excitement by the public.

Cool idea, let me kick off the discussion with four robot teams:

677 - Jones - They have been to the Worlds multiple years, and have been a local NJ/PA force to deal with. Robots are engineering wonders, interesting mechanical designs, programming to make it better. They went undefeated at this years Worlds in Qualification. If you’ve seen them play you’ve been impressed.

12a…z Acme Robotics - The only group I don’t like to see at our events, might as well hand them the awards in the morning and save time not playing the matches :rolleyes: Amazing engineering, they take small ideas and refine them to perfection. Not really sure they go to class during the season, they have such amazing driver skills. They are also great at helping out other teams and will tell you anything and everything about their robots.

24a…z Super Sonic Sparks - Another great team that shares designs and build skills between robots. Hyper competitive on the field (reminds me of Genghis "Crush your enemys) but will do anything they can in the pits. I’ve seen them help other teams take a pile of metal and turn it into a competitive robot. Their robots perform with a very fluid action, showing that there is heavy programming behind the metal. They are also very active at other events, you can see the blue shirts in lots of volunteer posititions.

44 - Green Eggs - I ran into this team 3 years ago and every time I see them or their robots I’m wowed. They don’t build robots, they engineer them. The team is also very cool about helping out and explaining what they do and how they do it. Their meccanum drive at Orlando was jaw dropping. One of my annual favorites.

You don’t need to be a world champion team to be epic!

thatd be cool! good idea

All GREAT teams, and I ditto your sentiment on their inclusion…

I would say 1103 should earn a spot for simplicity. Their (his) design was so simple, and yet so effective. It did everything on the field, including a high-hang in about seven seconds. He won both the skills challenges, and for that alone, not to mention his amazing performance in the qualification and elimination rounds… (Disproves the idea that robots need to be optimized for skills challenges and competition…)

Also, I would say 254. They have shown the rest of the robotics world what it means to have a truly competitive robotics program, regardless of the platform. With a great FRC team, and amazing VRC teams, they are always a pleasure to work with. I had the pleasure to work with two of their teams in elimination rounds last year, and they were always professional, helpful and excited about competing.

Finally, I would say the entire 10a…z crew and 575. They too have shown the robotics community how to run a good multi-platform robotics program. With students who are participating here on the VEX forums, mentors who care about the next generation, and well-designed robots and well-rounded teams, they have always been a force to reckon with both on the field and off it.

Those are my additions… I think the idea is great, and it will serve as a way to preserve some of the teams who have made great contributions to the robotics community… Maybe have an individual spot as well? So teams can be added, but also individuals who have dedicated most/all of their lifetime can be added?

Just a few thoughts…

Team 1200 Syntax Error (Dew Suit) should definetly get in. They have went to SIX straight World Championships winning tons of awards along the way. They are a team that everyone knows will dominate the tournaments. Also Green eggs, 44, and 1103 are great nominations as well.

There have only been 4 years of VRC,
Bridge Battle, Elevation , Clean Sweep, Round-UP

Are you also referring to FVC ?

yes he is referencing that

Also 3018 TECHNA PWN ROBOTICS deserves to be in the Hall of Fame… They where great at Nationals being able to pick up a huge load of rings… They were great!

ya, techna pwn shouold definately be in there do i think. there design was just great!

We were fortunate to be on there alliance in Chicago… We Pwned!

A VEX Hall of Fame is a very interesting idea.

However I think people are talking about a couple of different ideas.

Would the hall of fame be for a team and robot in a specific year or for a team because of what they have done over their time in VRC? (Or perhaps both)

I think a hall of fame for robots would be very interesting and something that I don’t think any other robotics competition has. Robots that are entered into the hall of fame could have very detailed descriptions of their design and their accomplishments. A digital hall of fame would be nice with video and photos but an actual building (in Dallas probably) would be amazing to actually go and see some of the great robots.

If VEX wants to do this they should start now because otherwise a lot of information about machines from the past 4 years will be lost. They could even build replica robots to have them on display or have the actual robot on display.

One thing about a hall of fame is that VEX would also have to have a section for teams that win the Excellence Award as that is the highest a award a team can achieve.

  • Allen Gregory
    Team 2587 DiscoBots

I really like the idea however, it will not help to appreciate the accomplishments of teams without also putting a lot of information about the game itself. For instance, 1103 scored 98 in programming skills challenge (which is amazing) but say in a couple of years scoring 100 is a regular occurrence due to the high scoring nature of that year’s game. New teams will say “oh we score more than that all the time” thus 1103’s 98 will look ordinary. This must be taken into consideration. Also there should be a section on winning strategies (e.g. throwing the bases under the ladder, pres-cored tube, etc.).


just wondering about the preloading thing-- did any teams besides syntax error preload on the moveable goals??

My original thought on the Hall of Fame is to recognize teams that have achieved things that only a few have done, such as winning Robot Skills and Programming Skills (1103), or winning the most number of qualifications into the world championship (254A). This would lead the future teams to try to beat records set by other teams.

I didn’t see what you did to pre-load on the movable goals. Could you explain a bit?



Well if you look at the field setup, from the corner of an alliance starting tile to the nearest moveable goals is the length of one tile, which is about 18 in. Since our robot was a fairly large robot (about 18 * 18) the distance from on corner to the opposite corner (diagonal) was about 24 in. So we built one corner of our chassis with a round edge so we could place it very close to the base. We then had just a simple clip to hold the ring on the goal without touching it.

Unfortunatly I did not take any pictures of our actual robot with this setup. But the drawing below should help. sorry that its not the best quality.