VEX Has Taken Over My Life...

Tonight, my family is watching the movie, “Man of the House”, and they asked me if i wanted to watch it (my entire family watches few movies together), and I told them “No” id rather go in the basement and build with my VEX, now they are like 25 min into the movie, and they are upstairs laughing historically, and now i regret my decision.

Has anyone else here passed up the opportunity to do something, just to build with your VEX system that has taken over their life?

Post here and tell what you have passed up doing…

I missed a swim team bonding trip to go to a VEX regional. I’m still not sue I regret the decision.

I’ve decided to not go to movies because a possible breakthrough with vex.

three words:
tell me about it

well its four, but it’s close enough

I missed out on sleep for Vex.

i think we all have missed out on sleep for vex


I got my Vex kit on Christmas and stayed up till 1 building the square bot…

i have spent a lot of time that i could have spent with friends playing with vex, but it makes me happy and thats all i care about.

Dude, I’ve stayed up through an entire Sunday night, through the night until Monday morning at 7 a.m… (that’s when I get ready for school)

Nice job buddy…
So what you are telling me is you slept through english class (like everyone else)?


VEX is a lot more mentally healthy than anything that can come out of the television.

I killed my TV 5 years ago, and don’t miss it one bit.