Vex history

So I recently got into VEX a few months ago, but I am really interested in some of the older teams that have legend status (44, 1103, etc.). So I was watching old match videos and came across this match from 2011:

And I was wondering, was this the world championship finals? (If it was it must’ve really sucked for 1103)
Also, if anyone has any interesting or fun bit of VEX history, please post it here! I’d love to know it I’m sure. Thanks in advance!

Yup. It is the worlds final back in 2011.
But I couldn’t remember was this F1 or F2.

You can try looking out for the skills final for Gateway. 2 amazing teams from 8066 battling out in the skills finals.
Gateway seem to be a “first”for quite a few things as well…

  • 1st time the 6-bar was popularised
  • 1st time there was a wallbot (2W)
  • 1st time (if I got it right) there was a rd4b in worlds

1103 was a legendary team, Yes that was the Vex World Championship Finals 2. At state last year, both finals matches (when we were 1961E) our alliances tipped. We had a 1v2 both finals matches, This literally happened for like 7 qualifiers as well. The amount of 1v2s we had to do were insane that Competition (it was a State Competition), but we ended up being 2nd rank so that competition went pretty well in my opinion. We double qualified for Worlds because of Skills and Tournament.

Also look at 8066’s Skyrise year, they were pretty amazing back then as well.