vex holonomic code

help me with this:

PolarJoystick joystick;
	displayLCDCenteredString(0,"Using Joystick");
		getPolarJoy(&joystick.radians, &joystick.speed);
		HolonomicRadianOutput(joystick.radians, joystick.speed, vexRT[Ch4]);
		writeDebugStreamLine("r: %f , s: %f",joystick.radians,  joystick.speed);

What you have posted is useless, please:

A. Use the code feature of this forum when posting code so that the code remains indented and has syntax coloring applied
B. Tell us what programming environment you’re using (ROBOTC, PROS, ConVEX, EasyC, etc.)
C. Post your entire program
D. Tell us what is and what is not working

Then we can help you.

That code reminds me of something Elliot ( @edjubuh ) used to have on his blog, but the old links are broken so it may not exist anymore.

Nevermind Thank you though is still up and running. It looks like the Gists have changed but the pictures are still up, but the repos are still available for ROBOTC and PROS. It’s not exactly code I’d write anymore, but I’d be glad to help out.

You will find that’s true your whole life, I look at old code sometimes and wonder just what was I thinking when I wrote it.

@jpearman … as in old code, something that I wrote yesterday? :wink: