VEX Homeschool Team - Ask us anything!

We’re a homeschool team of 5 years with two members, we made this thread as at competitions people are often curious how we go about things. Ask away!


Uh…what’s your team number?


It’s 70857M, I meant to have it in the name but I haven’t figured out how to change that yet.

Do you just do your robotics stuff at someone’s house or what? Seems like it would be hard to work with if that is the case.

We’ve got half a field set up in our coach’s garage, writing autonomous is a little difficult but aside from that there’s no major inconveniences.

It is nice to see another homeschool team on the forum.

My wife and I have hosted a homeschool team with several other families since Tower Takeover (this is the 4th year). This is also our first year fielding a high-school as well as middle-school team.

How does your team handle funding for parts and registrations?

Two team members. I bet that makes for a lot of work…

72247A (72247B also this year)


Both of our team’s families split the cost for events and the field and such, but in the rare case when we do buy newer parts it’s funded by our coach.


Sounds like you found an awesome coach!

Woah, nice to see you guys here. I used to compete on 19122A and regularly would compete against y’all and your sister team, 70857B (STEMpunk). Good to see y’all here, and best of luck with the rest of your season!


Did your team qualify in any qualifiers?

We have yet to qualify for states, but we’ve got a good shot at tournament champion or skills awards at our next competition.

what is your team name

Who is your coach and how did you go about settingnup your team? We are an independeant tem. None of us are home schooled its just that our high schools robotics program sucked so we started our own teamand my dad coaches. Just curiouse how yall run things and how you met your teamates.


We are 70857M PyroPigeons!

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My dad is our coach, and our team was initially set up with three sister teams at a local homeschool resource center. I met my teammate at an informative event and he decided to join the team!


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