VEX Hour of Code 2021, Planet HEXBUG

Hi Everyone,

To celebrate Computer Science Education Week, I’m happy to announce this year’s edition of the VEX Hour of Code, Planet HEXBUG.

In the Planet HEXBUG activity, you will code a VR nano trying to survive in a virtual world. As the VR nano explores, it will need to find food and defeat enemies in order to survive. Use the VR nano’s built in AI technology to help it smell food, sense enemies, and remember its home.

Beginning coders can have fun exploring the wide world of Planet HEXBUG, while more experienced coders can level up their VR nano and aim for the top spot on the Global Leaderboard!

Be sure to check out our Getting Started Guide to familiarize yourself with the game, and our STEM Library Articles if you need some additional help!


This is the best hour of code I’ve ever seen made an excellent job. There’s competition that keeps the strive to learn. There is always a goal to improve your hex bugs ability to survive. This is a very good take on an hour of code great job!


This activity is tons of fun, BUT, it’s super laggy on chromebooks. Any tips for optimizing? Using another type of computer is not an option in this case.


I just got around to trying this this morning, and oh my goodness it was fun. Burned 45 minutes on it before I realized it. Great job on Planet Hexbug. This is a great activity!


Our programmers have nothing to do right now so they’ve been messing with this and they love it. Apparently they can’t get past day 12 but it looks really engaging and entertaining. We might bring it into our middle school. Good job VEX :smiley:


Flagged it for you.

Injecting a link that the original post being quoted did not include is pretty suspect.


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