Vex Hydraulics

Pneumatics are only 2 positions (in/out) I think that sucks. I wish Vex had a set of hydraulics (which allow for multiple positions).

That does suck!:stuck_out_tongue:

hydrolics can hold out so far so i dont get it

Vex should make hydrolics!

Hydrolics for a robot like VEX would be absurd. You don’t need the power that hydrolics would provide, they would be more messy since they don’t use water but an oil like substance. The compressor would be huge.

We will consider this feedback for future Vex products.
It is unlikely that Vex will ever include a hydraulics kit in the future, but thank you for your suggestion.

The pneumatics kit is designed for simple linear motions (latches, etc) that do not require a large amount of force, and do not require variable positioning. In all other applications the Vex motors are servos should be adaptable to the users needs.


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I have to agree with John I think pneumatics are fine for Vex. The parts for hydraulics would be extensive and expensive:D

i know i was just sayin that hydrolics can be put in optomal spots and pnumatics are like two spots in and out

Dang it! The word is hydraulics, not hydrolics; and in the sense that they are being discussed here, both types of mechanisms move pistons using a fluid. Simply saying a system is pneumatic system does not mean that it only has two output values or positions.

Air can be used to precisely position something. The question isn’t one of pneumatics vs hydraulics, it is one of how the device is designed to operate.

Now, with that said, if you have your heart set on using a fluid to directly create [edit]smoothly adjustable[/edit] amounts of linear motion the Vex pneumatics are not going to make you happy.

However, if your goal is simply linear motion over some range of distances, there are many Vex ways to skin that cat.


Yeah that makes sense. If you were careful could you position the pneumatic cylinders?

Now that I think about it air is technically a fluid.

If you are speculating about the Vex pneumatics kits; maybe, maybe, maybe you could control them carefully enough to be able to move their pistons a specific, predictable distance. I’m not going to bet on success though.

However, if you are thinking about pneumatic systems designed to be moved in that way. The answer is certainly “Yes.”

PS: And “Yes” gases are fluids. They are not liquids, but they are fluids. And, in our everyday experiences gases are generally, highly compressible fluids.

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I was recently checking out model hydraulic systems. A few have been tried but most gave up after a few years. One report that put me off was a failure which sprayed hydraulic oil on to the ceiling of the modeler’s home. The wife/mother would be quite upset.