vex impact

We are vex impact, an all girls team from London! We set up an account and thought we should post something at some point. We have a blog, the link is displayed below, check it out, you will be surprised…

I see you like our design :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have any questions about our design, PM me on the VEX Forum, or email our team email:!

Good luck this year!

P.S. This forum is a great place to get help, and get new ideas!

Hello … we are the bodge job from bromsgrove (near birmingham) … did u come to the uk nationals last year ? …

All British people look at my account’s picture.

If you’re using mecanum wheels, you’d better build a protective skirt around your drive. Sacks get caught on mecanum wheels very easily.

thanks for all the tips!!
we will take them all into consideration!
This is our first year!!

lol … tbh … i did …

All the best :slight_smile: