vex impacts first competition

you may not know but we are an all girls robotics team in the uk. We had our first competition on Wednesday 21st November, check out our blog

and videos are on youtube this is one of them:
[vex impact - YouTube

we have our own youtube account so subscribe if possible :slight_smile:
Thanks for all the support as well.](vex impact - YouTube)

Fairly sure this
“well done to VIUS ROBOTICS”
is supposed to be VIRUS in your 11/22 post.

So you had an 8? bar with spatula?

The linked video is clearly this team… On the side you can see a video of virus.

Tabor means that there is a typo in their blog post congratulating VIRUS.

Congratulations to your team on your first competition! I still remember the adrenaline and excitement from our first. It’s also great to see the development of the UK scene. Keep us updated on any future competitions!

The gear ratio on the arm look like 1:5 for torque but it lifted a slower than I would expected. Does your lift ever stall when you try to lift a large amount of sacks.

Edit: Realized I was looking at team Virus in this video 5194 - Robot scoring for first time - YouTube
and that it isn’t 1:5

It was great to see how far robotics has moved on so far in the Uk at our first regional. Every team could at least score something in the troughs!

The competition day went really well four our school, it was the first time we had hosted an event and fortunately everything went smoothly.

Yes our team used an 8 bar and a spatula. Our robot de-scored very well but we are looking to improve its ability to pick up sacks. The 8 bar was very good except for some reason we couldn’t reach the high goal.

All our teams have the nationals to look forward to and hopefully some of us will be seeing you at the worlds!


P.S This is a link to our schools video of the day

Really do you have any pictures of your lift.

congrats ! we hosted a taster day for vex in july, it was great, we are hosting one on december 11th (sack attack) in bromsgrove, worcestershire … look forward to getting round 2 our regional and hope to see you guys at nationals again !

good luck with adjustments to the robot !

p.s. vex virus: do you not experience problems with low base, on the videos it seems low to me …

again … good luck !

No our drive has worked great, we do sometimes drive over sacks but it has never caused any problems
What regional are you guys going to? We are looking forward to seeing your robot!

great … just me wondering because we have a high drive base, but still are under the 14" and can reach the high goal … and we are registered 2 go 2 bristol but we are hoping to go to the birmingham one (birmingham one is 30mins away) … bristol is an hour and 15 mins away …

and with photos, as soon as this ( comes, i am going to do a photoshoot and upload them to the forums, you will see it on videos from the workshop if not …

and with your robot, it is a great machine … we have not gone for a scoop/spatula … look forward to seeing you at nationals

cheers !
Liam Grazier

Yes here they are. We are rather short of parts at the moment so unless there is an eays fix we may have to leave it as it is.




When the arm is all the way down what does it rest on?

The large high stregth gear is touching the floor as is the tray. Is that what you mean?

If the intake wasn’t attached it looks like that arm could still go down farther and that would allow for a longer arm to still be in spec and the intake to be remounted higher up. If you don’t have the metal to make a longer arm you could just moved the bar the intake is attached to up a hole and lowered the arm more when you intake.