VEX import to Inventor

I am new to inventor and want to let students create their vex robot in Inventor to save time. I have downloaded the kop but don’t know how to install it to work with Inventor. How do I import it to the Inventor software so they can access it in Inventor?


If you have the .STEP files, it should be pretty simple to just open the files in Inventor.


you have to change your searching/place parameters so you can see all files, it’s at the bottom of the box to place.

Not sure what part library you’re using, but I compiled one back in 2016 that I still use today. It has all the legal VEX components as .ipt and .iam, which are meant for inventor. All you need to do is open up Inventor, go to the top left corner and create a new assembly (.iam). Then you can bring in the parts from your part library by pressing the place button in the top left corner and then navigate to the folder that contains all the parts.

Here’s a download to my part library if you need: