Vex in the EU?

I know the UK is still technically in the EU, But does anyone know why no other EU nation hosts a VRC Event?

Look here
They’re in FIRST Robotics.

hmm interesting.

The UK is also represented in First Robotics, but still have VRC Events.

The absence of any VRC events on the European continent is peculiar. I was mostly wondering if Vex is choosing not to enter that market.

It’s also still relatively early in the competition season. So there’s a chance that some events have just not been created yet.

I know last year there were a few competitions in Ireland, Finland and Spain, so I can only imagine those will eventually pop up again.

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Pretty much every country is in FIRST Global. Perhaps not the best comparison since only 1 team from each country competes and there’s nothing published anywhere describing how a country selects this 1 team.
From the FAQ

If you wanted to make comparisons to FIRST competitions look at FIRST’s website although there really isn’t any effort put in to ensure outside USA teams/events are listed nor can you meaningfully search for a team since the country list filter box is incomplete.

Here’s the list of FLL countries
There’s no equivalent site for FTC and the closest you get to a participating country list is the world championship attendee lists.
You’ll find discussion about FRC registration and participating countries on CD Usually there’s a list of countries somewhere but be aware very few places outside the US actually hold regional events.

Of note FIRST and FIRST Global are separate entities run by different people.

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