VEX In The Zone Personal Thoughts

What are some thought for the new game if you haven’t seen here is the link —>

My first though was: “Good, no broken game pieces this year!”

This game grew on me. At first, I really didn’t like it, but now that I’ve thought about it, I really like it. It provides an interesting balanced challenge. Is it perfect? No, but it is quite good

Too much like FTC! Really sounds like lets don’t bump, lets be nice, no defense, can’t de-score, uuuhhhhhh!!!

My legal question is can you have a mobile scoring goal with cones on it and still pick up a cone to score on it?

I know they will work out some stuff but UHHHHH. Then they say… Wooohooo a V5 Cortex and the RIP my heart right out… you can’t use it for another year!

After reading over the rules multiple times and thinking of how the game can be played strategically, I am really liking it. Glad I get to end on a good game!

my first thought: “spectators are going to be so confused”
my second thought: “no broken game pieces”
my third thought: “I miss starstruck already, even though I’m glad the season is over”

It grew on me the more i thought about it. When i first saw it i was thinking “this is a mess of like 5 games plopped together” but the way things are implemented and the rules lead me to believe this will be a rather fun and strategic year. Looking forward to it.

Yes, provided you are not contacting any of the cones on the mobile scoring zone.

As for the game, it really has grown on me. At first I really didn’t like SG9, but the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’m okay with it. Would the game be broken without it, I don’t think so. But I also don’t think it’s broken with it. Overall I think this year will prove to be a fun game to play.

How can you only have 1 possession yet there are two preloads? I am so confused can someone explain that?

oh wait nvm one per robot my bad

I sure hope so, but skyrise cubes still broke :frowning: .

But Skyrise cubes were not a single piece. The cones seem to be a single mold (doesn’t mean they are unbreakable, but less likely, I think.). We shall see.

I cant wait to step on a cone by accident…

They are 7" tall. Might be a bit difficult.

Im 6’ 5". I accidentally step on my cat sometimes.

Lol, tall people problems, i can relate. Though I will cry the first time a cone breaks.

My first thought was: ugh, the game scoring is so complicated. I mean can you believe this is how it works: Scoring mobile goals in the 5, 10, and 20 point goals are worth 5, 10 and 20 points." This part blew my mind. LIKE WHAT?? THE 5 POINT ZONE IS WORTH 5 POINTS???

Are you sure? I thought the 5 point zone is worth 20 points

I personally think that cones should be worth more if they are on a mobile goal that is scored in a 20 point zone. It will be more difficult to get a mobile goal with 5-10 cones stacked on it into the 20 point zone, than into the 5 point zone.

one problem i can see having a real effect on the game by the end season and during various state and national competitions is that when the robots get really good, even though there are 80 cones total, 4 highly skilled robots will be able to score those in probably the first minute to minute and a half, so since you cannot descore, what are they going to do for the last 30 seconds.