While I was programming, I noticed that the vex::controller class has a boolean returning function built into it with the name installed(). From the name, I would assume it returns whether or not the controller is connected, but it isn’t listed on help.vexcodingstudio.com. So, would I be correct to assume the behavior of this function, and is there a more up to date API reference?

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Yes, it means the controller is connected.

There’s installed method for most devices, you can use that to check that a motor or other device is actually connected to a port. For example, I posted this a few days ago.

stopAllMotors() {
    // find all motors and send stop
    for( int32_t p=vex::PORT1; p <= vex::PORT21; p++ ) {
      vex::motor m( p );
      if( m.installed() ) {

Hmm, this could be really useful for error correction. Thanks.