Vex Instructor Wanted $40/hr

We have a team of 4 middle school boys in Santa Monica and looking for a Vex robotics instructor (2 hrs/week + tournaments). Please email if you have relevant experience. Thanks!

May I suggest a High school student with Vex experience? They may not be able to chaperone, but they can certainly help explain and help your middle schoolers.

My students use this forum to get almost all they need.
Its the greatest resource and they are successful by
just using this. So many High Schools students offer help
and answer all their questions.

I might suggest for your kids starting with using the money for parts. And using lots of advice from the forum. Most of us are more than willing to answer any questions, I would also be will to give you my Skype username for any quick questions you may have that require rapid responses. I think more important than any mentor in VEX is being able to put the parts in hand and just try stuff.