Vex Inventor Parts

Alright guys I have a favor I need to ask. I would like to have the inventor files for all the vex EDR parts such as c channels, l channels, wheels, motors, brains, etc, but I can’t find any. I did some digging and found a post on the forum from 2013 or so and it had some of the parts but it is outdated and lacks many of the newer parts so its practically useless. Has someone drawn all of these parts where I can readily access them or will I have to create them for myself? Anything you can tell me is greatly appreciated.

I’ve heard this library been recommended as of late.
If you go to the bottom of any product page for a product on the website, you will see a function to download the part (as a .STEP file, which can be converted to .ipt, .iam, whatever)
(I’m probably doxxing myself in this screenshot and I don’t even know)

I’ve shared this library a few times in the past. I use it, works well for me. I got it from Taran who got it somewhere else, so honestly idk who to credit for this library, but here it is:


See this is great and all but this is fitted for the old cortex. It lacks all of the new V5 parts, and complicated parts such as mechanum wheels. I will try to use the official website like you suggested but until then maybe there is another parts library.

i just use the old 2013 library and download additional parts as needed
C-Channels havent changed much and ot is easy to make and constrain new pieces in inventor


What SaltyCB said is probably the best option. Even if its an old library, it has a lot of the starting pieces that you’ll need, and when you need updated stuff just add it to your library from the official vex website.
Keep in mind that the old libraries will have sketches pre-made for you (which saves you a great deal of time) and the ones downloaded from the website won’t, so its still worth downloading an older library