VEX IQ 1st Gen Controller Problems

The left joystick of the Gen 1 IQ controller is not working. Configuring shows it only registers at side to side movement of the stick and not all the way around. If I turn on the brain, the motor connected to the left joystick constantly runs (by sound) but does not turn, when touching the joystick or not. It is up to date through VEX Utility as well. What ekse can I do? Can I change the motors to be used by the E and F buttons insead maybe? If so, how?

When you say “configuring it”, how do you mean? Are you talking about the calibration screen on the 1st Gen brain?
If you can hear the motor but it is not turning the wheel, it is likely that the axle is not pushed all the way in. Gently rotate the wheel whilst pushing the axle so when it lines up with the square hole in the motor, it will drop all the way in.

Yes, sorry I mean callibrating. The axle is deinitely all the way into the motor. When i callibrate through the brain, you can see on the screen that the right joystick is going all the way around when you move it, but the left joystick is only moving right to left on the screen as I turn it all the way around the same way.

That sounds like an issue with one of the potentiometers inside the joystick.

So it needs to be sent back?

You should contact VEX Support first I think.
As far as I know, 1st Gen controllers have been end of life for a while.