Vex IQ 2023 Hero Build

Where can you get a 3x6 piece? You cant even buy them on the website!

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Building the pre-designed trainers (the so-called hero-bots) requires that you have the generation 2 kit. If you look on the page of pre-designed builds, you will find a gen 1 version that doesn’t have some of the specialized generation 2 parts. I think we can expect by next season that you will not be able to build the season trainer without a generation 2 kit, and I don’t expect Vex to sell the specialized parts outside of the kits due to marketing.


I agree with the only Gen2 next year. But I’ll most likely get the upgrade kits for the teams that will be building the herobots. The upgrades have some cool parts and the colors will be a hit. Plus it’s aways nice to have extra plastic.

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I am going to have to get the upgrades for gen 2 stuff. Not that we need any more plastic but the new parts are going to be great additions to any robot

I have the 2nd Gen Kits and there is not one 3x6 piece in the kit. Do you know what piece I am referring to?

The 2nd gen kits do not have the required parts for this build. It is a 3x6 piece that isn’t in any kit or extra parts bundle.

Here are the 3x6 pieces, they are in the “competition add-on” part of the kit. (VEX IQ Education to Competition Upgrade Kit - VEX Robotics). If you don’t have them, then you probably just have the “education kit” without the “competition upgrade”.


Where did you find the sorters for Gen 2 to go into a Gen 1 kit box?! Would love more info please!

The foam inserts are my pre-production samples. We have designs for both education kit and competition add-on. When they are available, they will be sold by robosource here: VEX IQⓇ Related Products & Organizers - - Like the Gen 1 organizers, all our proceeds support our team.


Awesome! Well done - Thank you - I will keep a look out!

Shameless plug for these trays. I love them, all of my VIQ teams have them. It makes it a lot easier to find things when teams are trying to build. It also makes life easier at end of season when you tear down and re-sort kits for the next year.

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I second this. The trays are great.