VEX IQ 2nd Gen - Factory Reset

on VEX IQ 2nd Gen brain there is a Factory Reset option in Settings. Does anyone know what exactly is reseted when I use this option? From my observation it does basically nothing:

  • programs not deleted,
  • brain name not changed,
  • FW version not changed back to factory-installed,
  • logs not deleted.

The only thing that I have come up with that it changes is that it unpairs the previously paired controller.

Does anybody know?


Really nobody has any idea?

I would think @jpearman would know. It probably also might have helped to get it attention in the IQ Tech Support topic instead of IQ General and IQ Technical.

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settings that the customer may have changed are reset, language, inertial sensor calibration, controls for built in drive program. Robot name and team number that may have been set by VEXcode are not affected. The latest vexos (1.0.5) will also do some file system integrity checks and fix issues as necessary.


Thank you for explaining.