VEX IQ 2nd generation set for sale - $340+ship

Good morning.

Selling a unused Vex IQ 2nd generation set.

I know its brand new and all but have some personal issues requiring me to unload it.

The new sets are now $450. With Tax, would be about $485.

Will sell for $340 plus whatever shipping would be provided no one lives in the Houston, Tx area.

Thank you very much.

Hey, I will gladly take it. I may be able to pick it up from Houston area if possible. Can you please DM me to exchange info?

I’ve edited the post above for containing person information.


Following up. If you still have it please DM me.

@DRow , I am not seeing an option to DM. Can you help?

If you click on someone’s profile there is a message button that is on the top right corner of the box that pops up. You can use that to PM people.
No need to ping a mod

this has been sold already

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