VEX IQ Allowing limited modifications to plastic sheet?

Can we allow some limited modifications to the VEX official plastic sheets? It would convenient to be able to punch additional holes.

Hey welcome back after your long hiatus!

Cutting the sheets would be very nice, but the engineering “box” with VEX IQ is to use the components as is. I’d love to be able to cut the plastic sheets and/or holes in different locations.

But I’d also love to be able to drill the centers out of gears to let them spin on shafts so I could build VIQ transmissions. Or be able to shave the teeth off of gears to build slip gears for punchers. Or be able to cut slots in the 4x12 plates to be able to pass 1x or 2x beams through them. Or be able to …

Lots of things would become possible! But, I’d guess that this late in the season cutting sheets won’t happen. Or the other things.

Good luck with your alternative design!!


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