VEX IQ - Are Rubberbands illegal?

Are rubberbands legal in The Ringmaster challenge this year? I noticed rubberbands # 12 and # 64 were listed as illegal in the VEX IQ Challenge page. However, I’ve seen rubberbands still being used on robots both on VEX IQ challenge video and videos of other ringmaster robots. Also seeing # 32 and 64 rubberbands listed for sale on the VEX IQ product page.

Would someone please clarify? Thanks!

The rubberbands from VEXIQ are legal. Most of the time, IQ rubber bands must be from VEX (you can tell by the color), while any brand rubber band is OK for EDR, as long as it’s #32 or #64.

Ah. Got it. Thanks. My team is participating again after sitting out the 2016-17 season … and I remembered we were able to use #32 and 64 rubberbands even if not purchased from VEX. Thanks again for the clarification!

Just for the record, VEX IQ related questions are probably better off asked on the VEX IQ Forum. :slight_smile:

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