VEX IQ Blockly/Python

I am new to vex iq and blockly python. Trying to understand how the “external inputs” option works on a block. I’d like to pass in the color id or color name from the color sensor to the touch led sensor. both use the color name but i don’t see any input to the touch led to accept a variable or the color id. I was wondering if “external inputs” would allow for that.

It looks like you have two questions here: how can I read a color using the Color Sensor, and then display that color on the Touch LED, and what does the “external inputs” option do?

First, the ability to assign a color on the Touch LED by passing a value to the Touch LED block is on our development list, but is not currently available. There is a work-around if you are looking for a particular color. Here is an example of how to read and look for a particular color, and then display that color on the Touch LED:

Second, the “external inputs” and “inline inputs” are mutually exclusive display options that the developer can use to improve readability of the source code. Use “external inputs” with blocks that have a lot of arguments or text, and use “inline inputs” normally. I’ve attached another picture of the same program using “external inputs” for one of the blocks, so that you can see how it works.




Thank you so much. This is great! :smiley:

You are welcome. We always love to hear from Blockly users.