Vex IQ Blocks - End Command?

I’m trying to encourage my programmers to be more proactive. Instead of waiting for the robot to be completely done, I’m trying to get them to write the code as best they can, do their best with figuring out any measurements using tape measures, etc. Then when they can have the robot, they run their code and tweak/fix.

What I’d really like them to do is once they have the code written, go to first action and have it end after that. So if they want to go forward X inches, then turn left Y degrees, then lift the arm Z degrees, I’d like them to be able to stop after the go forward until they get X correct, without having to keep running the whole program, knowing every step is probably off a little. Then when that step is correct, move the stop to the end of the 2nd part, etc.

Is it better to just put in some blocks that stop all motors, or perhaps a long wait so they can turn the robot off? Can they just drag the subsequent blocks off to the side until they are ready to add them?

Thanks for any advice

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My kids have been dragging the subsequent blocks off to the side without issue for a while.
(I would never have thought of that.)

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If x, y, and z are variables they can put the guesstimates in the vars and temporarily put zero in the motor spin commands.

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One of my teams puts in wait until touch commands between major sections. And as she progresses she disables those.


Thank you all. These are all great solutions. I’ll pass them onto my programmers and let them decide what they like

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