Vex IQ blocks - Gear Ratios

I have 40 teeth gears ( on my motors ) driving 16 teeth gears on my wheels. When setting up my drive train is it 16:40 or 40:16?


For example, if a motor drives a 12T gear to a driven 60T gear on an arm, the 12T driving gear has to rotate 5 times to rotate the 60T driven gear once. This is known as a 5:1 ratio. The torque output is 5 times as much, however, the speed output is only 1/5.

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I’m probably missing something here…just tired of debugging and am looking at everything and now am second guessing myself.

I’m going for speed. In your model a 12 is driving a 60 and the ratio is written as 5:1

My driver is a 40 which should be the denominator and the 16 is the driven which is the numerator.

16 over 40. 16:40

But…I’m Vex .the drive train is set up input:output

Input 40 teeth. : output 16 teeth. Which brings it back to your 40:16 which is correct

Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.

Probably want to simplify it to 5:2

I eventually did reduce to 5:2

I think something is wrong with the brain. Not sure?
I updated everything.

I’ve tried 40:16 , 16:40 , 10:4 1:1 as experiments.

10:4 moved differently (speed) than 5:2

I’m thinking of just eliminating the drivetrain altogether and manually programming the drive motors