VEX IQ Blocks or MODKIT and what Programming Device?

I am wondering what everyone’s opinion is on Modkit or VEX IQ Blocks. I am getting ready to teach my kids about programming and don’t really want to switch back and fourth. I would like to stick with one application. Last season I went over Modkit with them and if VEX IQ Blocks is the new and up coming thing than I would rather just teach that.

For programming device we are leaning towards Chromebooks. Does anyone have any recommendation on brand and size we should get?


And if no one has told you about us yet, Robot Mesh Studio is another option. It’s web-based, cross-platform, multi language coding environment with minimal installation: just a browser plugin and some USB drivers. We also have a basic teacher edition that lets you create a class, manage accounts for your students, and see their work without any file shuffling.


VEXcode IQ Blocks is the new official free software from VEX Robotics for beginning users with the IQ platform. VEXcode IQ Blocks contains built-in help, built-in tutorial videos, and a number of example projects to help you get started.

Also, the free STEM Labs available at are all aligned to VEXcode IQ Blocks to help guide new users in the programming of their IQ robots.

We are continually adding more example, tutorials, and STEM Labs to make it easier for new users to get started.

VEXcode IQ Blocks is available on Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, and iPads - with Android support coming soon.

One thing to note, Modkit for VEX is no longer available for download.