VEX IQ Blocks Variables

Good morning,

We love the fact that vex has improved the block code interface and resembles scratch more. We would like to challenge the possibilities of the Brain. When we create lists for a jeopardy style game we can only enter numbers and no strings. Is this something that will change?26

Yes… in a future update.

Scratch 3.0 runs JavaScript code behind the scenes, which is a “weakly typed” or “untyped” language… basically meaning you don’t have to declare ahead of time if a variable is a numeric or a string and the same variable can hold either types of data.

VEXcode Blocks generates C++ code behind the scenes, which is a “strongly typed” language… meaning variables have to be declared before or at time of usage and the variable type cannot change.

Because of this, we have to make some concessions on variable types - hence why everything in Blocks supports numerical variables only as of today. We’re working on augmenting the software to support string variables, but it requires a surprising amount of development to do seamlessly.


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