Vex Iq brain connection error to vex coding studio

I was initially really excited to install Vex Coding Studio, however I have run into a problem. So, I came to this forum to see if anyone has any suggestions to solve the problem of Vex Coding Studio not detecting the brain of a VexIQ robot brain.

Are you running VCS on Windows or MacOS? Does your brain connect to a different computer just fine, or does it occur on multiple computers?

VEX Coding Studio is currently only for the v5 brain. They have not released a version that can connect to VEX IQ.

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For VEX IQ, you will need to use Modkit for VEX, ROBOTC or Robotmesh Studio. You can also use EasyC V5 I believe,
The first 2 can be downloaded from, just log in and choose My Downloadable Products from the dashboard (there may be an easier way to find them too)
Robotmesh Studio is here

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