Vex IQ Brain/Controller Setup Question

Hello Everyone,

I have a question about the default clawbot brain/controller setup. I want to change the buttons I press on the controller that causes the “claw” to open and close. Instead of hitting the “E” buttons, I want to use the right buttons (ChD). How would I go about attempting that?

ChD is Up/Down on the righthand joystick. Is this what you wish to use? Either way, you will need one of the programming languages, either Modkit, ROBOTC or RobotMesh.
Do you already have one of these installed? If not, Modkit is probably the easiest to start with as you can configure the joystick without any real programming. Let us know which you have.

I currently have Robotc.

I’ve found a good tutorial for it and I might be all set. Thanks the tip on getting Robotc.


If you have built a clawbot using Vex’s build instructions; the E buttons open and close the claw. That is because the motor is plugged into part 11. Port 4 is the port that is controlled by the R-Up and R-Down buttons. Simply unplugging that cable from port 11 and plugging it into port 4 (Then restarting the Brain) will get you the desired results.