VEX IQ Brain Problem

I try to update the firmware but it shows me the error " **There was a problem connecting to the Robot Brain.First make sure no other programs are connected to it, then unplug it and plug it back in to try again **" but I didn’t have any program who connect to the brain except the “VEX IQ firmware update” and now the brain is not working. the only thing shows on the screen is vex lego.
how can I fix it

thank you

There is an issue with the early version of firmware which causes the user programs in the catalog to get corrupted. We have a fix in work to ensure this doesn’t happen with future versions (still going through testing) and we have a procedure to help recover your brain from its locked up state.

Unfortunately, the procedure isn’t as user friendly as we’d like since it involves loading old firmware in a boatload mode. (We’re working on a simpler “automated” fix).
See the procedure here:

Please give our tech support folks a call if you have any problems, and they’ll be happy to help you out.