VEX IQ brain saying battery is low and turning off

My brain keeps saying that the battery is low and then turns off when I pick up a a riser. (most of the time) I tried getting a different battery that was fully charged and even a whole new brain. please help!

If it only turns off when you pick up a riser, then I’m guessing there could be something with the code that is stopping the program. Are you sure that the robot is running out of battery, or is it just stopping. If it’s just stopping, there’s a chance it’s a code error.

do you want me to post the code?

I highly doubt that. These kinds of problems usually come with bearing too much weight on the motors. If the risers are too heavy for your gear ratio/lift, the battery will get very low very quickly and if its bad enough the brain will just shut down, as it does when the battery reaches too low of power.

My suggestion would be to make the gear ratio more torquey, so the lift will be slower, but you won’t have this problem. Another fix would be to use elastic support like rubber bands on your lift so the load isn’t fully on the motors.

Hope this helps!

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our robot turns off when we are driving too.

We found out that it was just our battery