VEX IQ Brain Showing Using Debugger

while students are running an autonomous maze program the robot brain is showing the message Using Debugger? On some brains this is freezing the brain and we must disconnect the battery to reset… can someone explain why this is showing up… we are using robotC graphical with simple motor commands …starting program with a bump switch

What I see is it runs the autonomous program then the Debugger shows and you can not re-run the program like you could before. I have had no freezing.

  1. Do you see this behavior every time you run the program? NOT SURE I HAVE 30 BRAINS IN THE ROOM… SAW IT ON A FEW TODAY
  2. Do you see this behavior when the brain is disconnected from the PC? (i.e. no USB cable) . YES
  3. Is this the only program on the brain or are there several? SEVERAL
  4. When you see this happen does the “X” button allow you to exit the program? SOMETIMES

The issue that I was seeing with their programs was that they had a name in the motor but no motor selected and using a forward command… once they selected VEX IQ motor from the list the message didn’t show

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